Grant Shivers

Grant Shivers

46th Annual Woodbury Relays Dedication

Grant Shivers, Woodbury Athletic Director 1998-2018.

In small school athletics, the AD wears “many hats” Such is true in this case. Few people have worn more hats than Grant Shivers, the long-time Director of Athletics at Woodbury High School. Next fall someone new will be wearing the athletic director hat and all the duties that go with it. Grant will be sadly missed by all and especially as a staple at our biggest event of the year, the Woodbury Relays. As only the fourth Athletic Director in its history, Grant has dedicated many years of hard work and loyalty to Woodbury High School. Grant would tell you it wasn’t about the job or the work; it was about the people and the history, carrying on the traditions.

The Woodbury Relays has always been special to Grant. Although he was never a track athlete, he always loved the sport. His claim to fame on the track came in elementary school when he ran in the first ever Woodbury Relays on a 440 team with NCAA All-American Rich Caton and Olympic Medal winner Jack Pierce. He later came to love track due to the relays and watching all the great runners throughout the years run for Woodbury. Grants mother, Connie Shivers, was a member of the Woodbury Track Parents Association. She helped at the first relays and always had a great love of the event. His own children also participated in the relays and have helped out over the years.

As we start to ponder how anyone will be able to replace the special person we will be losing to retirement, we all will take away the wonderful memories that Grant has given us over the years. Grant will always have his own place in Woodbury’s school history; you have truly made an impact. The great work you did here ensures that you will not be forgotten anytime soon.

Congratulations! With retirement comes new horizons and we hope that you enjoy every second of your new found freedom.

Best of Wishes!