Jim Mohan

Jim Mohan

47th Annual Woodbury Relays Dedication

Jim Mohan, Woodbury Relays Meet Director 1980-2019.

Jim Mohan was appointed Meet Director of the Woodbury Relays in 1980. For the 40 years since, “Mo” has been the guy that keeps the Relays running. For his service and commitment, the 47th Annual Woodbury Relays are dedicated to Meet Director James “Mo” Mohan.

Mo is a Sterling High School graduate, raised in Stratford and still a resident of Somerdale. He earned his degree from Trenton State College (now The College of New Jersey) in 1973. Mo began teaching Health and Physical Education at Woodbury High School in 1974 and stayed at Woodbury through his retirement in 2005.

Mo never shied from a challenge. Soon after his arrival at Woodbury he found himself coaching the Boys Cross Country team. He went on to serve as Head Coach in Winter Track, Girls Track and as Assistant Coach in Wrestling, Boys and Girls Track and Boys Soccer. Aside from sports, he served as Advisor to the WHS Class of 2000 and 2004 and Varsity Club Advisor.

He has been Meet Director of the Gloucester County Cross Country and Gloucester County Track & Field Championships since 1976.

Jim is active away from the track as well. He has been a member of the Somerdale Fire Department for 43 years, serving as President, Vice President and in several Line Officer positions. He was Chief of the Department for 14 years. He also served two-year terms as President and Vice President of the Camden County Fire Chiefs and Fire Officers Association.

“I must have the best wife in the world,” Jim says of Lynda, his wife for 45 years, “for never complaining and putting up with all the missed dinners and time away from the family.” Lynda and Jim have two children, Elizabeth Mohan Resta and Jim, Jr., and three grandchild, Nicolas and William Mohan and Lucinda Resta.

Howie Staeger, who founded the Woodbury Relays 47 years ago, was the first Meet Director. Mo became just the second. Forty years later he has decided it is time to pass the baton. Geoff Shute will take it from here as only the third Meet Director in their long history. “I’m leaving the Meet in great hands,” Jim said.

“I missed the first Woodbury Relays because I was busy graduating from college,” Mo said. “I’ve been to every one since. I’m going to enjoy just watching them from now on. After 46 years, you don’t just walk away.”

Farewell Message from Jim Mohan,
Woodbury Relays Meet Director, 1980-2019

1980 seems almost like yesterday. Athletic Director Tony Gedaka and Superintendent Dr. Claudio Arrington informed me that I was being appointed as the Meet Director of the still young Woodbury Relays. I accepted this challenge not really knowing what I was getting into. It would be an eye opener.

Luckily, I inherited a great supporting cast. Reds and Ruth Holdcraft were like the parents of the Relays and guided me through all the paperwork, entries and the like. Reds and Ruth were the real back bone of the Relays and I shall always be in their debt.

There were others who were also vital. Dr. Richard Caton and his wife Marge were there to lend assistance when needed. All of the Chairpersons of the Program Books were vital to the success of the Relays; Sharon Knauss, Doris Jeffries, Mary Grimming, Evelin Warren and Debbie Davis took the task early on and did a fantastic job.

Through the years I have been blessed to have a fantastic Maintenance Staff and Grounds Crew. Their unsung work behind the scenes always had the track ready for great competition.

The Woodbury Track Parents Association, under the leadership of Helen Harrison, were some of the most helpful people ever and were depended upon for their volunteer help with concessions and t shirt sales.

Most recently, another dedicated group came aboard to become the new face behind the scenes and helped make the Relays better than ever. Athletic Director Grant Shivers replaced Tony Gedaka and jumped in to become a real go to person, assuming much of the behind the scenes work. When we moved back to our rebuilt track in 2008, the Road Runners Club of Woodbury incorporated the Track Parents Association and brought a new group of volunteers as the driving force, including John and Mary Carter, Terry and Lynn Dennen, Heidi and Tom Louis and Ron Riskie.

And now is the time for me to step back and pass the baton to a new meet Director, Geoff Shute, only the 3rd Meet Director in the history of the Woodbury Relays. I am leaving the meet in great hands.

Forty years seems to have flown by. I still have a hard time believing it’s been that long. I must have the best wife in the world for putting up with all the time I missed for the Relays. Thanks, Lynda, for never complaining about all the missed dinners, time away from the family and all you did to make up for me being away. The same for my daughter, Beth, and my son, Jim Jr.

Again, thanks to all who in any way had a part of aiding me for all these years.

Jim Mohan